Then there was two


When I relocated back to Bath following 2 years in London, I wanted my life back! I was ready to live in a vibrant Village, meet new people and have some fun.

I was lucky enough to get a great job back in the mighty West Country but before I embarked on the new role I jetted off to a wedding in Thailand as my mates ‘Plus 1’. She’d been dumped – the scoundrel,  so to save her some cash on that horrid single supplement, I went too. I knew the bride and groom so I wasn’t totally gate crashing. This is where I met Mr S, he was best man, strangely enough he lived just 13 miles from me in the UK!

It’s not often you spend 10 days with someone before a date, he made me laugh in the bar, cry during his speech, he didn’t mock me when I burnt my nose and we realised we had a lot in common without the pressure of the date environment.  I do wish I had made more effort to get my bikini body though!

I had no idea whether he would call me when we came home but before I’d landed he had called to ask me out on a date – Pub, Rugby, Dinner, I knew he was a keeper.
He mixed with my family immediately, my friends loved him, neither of us were our ‘usual types’ but together we just fit. Before long we were splitting our time between our two homes.

After 4 months my lease came up on my flat and we decided I would move in to his place while we looked for a house together – that took one month!

By month 6 we had bought our first home together and on Christmas eve as I’m unpacking the last packing crate Mr S came down stairs and proposed. It wasn’t the big proposal he had said he wanted to do, but it just felt right. In fact it was perfect.

The 6 months before that night may have been intense but I felt we knew each other better than I knew anyone. It was so natural and although a ‘ whirlwind’ we knew it was right. Our friends commented on how happy and relaxed we were, no games were being played.

I knew I could have the wedding wrapped up pretty quickly, why wait?  it was what we wanted and we wanted to build memories with each other. Life really is too short.

We set the date for a May wedding at Charlton House Nr Bath, simply gorge and it was the most amazing day ever…..Aside from finding out I was expecting a baby! more about the Rockstar later.

In 3 years our lives totally changed but I realise now that when you know, you really do know.

Look outside the box, just go with the flow and it will work. It’s not been easy but it’s been worth it.

I had spent my adult life looking for Mr Right and at the time I wasn’t looking, I found him.


Pic from our fab wedding taken by the awesome


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