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This week I have started a new journey to ‘Get healthy’. I have had enough time feeling sorry for myself, watching my body shape change in the wrong direction, questioning whether it would be this shape if I hadn’t got pregnant at 44 years old.

I’ve gone through phases in my life of getting fit; embarking on residential Boot camps which are the best fix for me. I return home rejuvenated ready to keep the weight off and I have. Twice! But they aren’t cheap.

In my past life I have been a member of a gym and attended at least 3 classes in a week so I know I can do it. But my life has changed now. I have a 2 year old and a husband. When the boy is at nursery I have work to do or look for, a house to tidy, shopping to buy, washing to do and an episode of Billions to catch up on.

I am mad at myself for not using the time I have had whilst looking after the baby and freelancing to actually get the baby weight gone and get fit. What a waste of time. So now I am embarking on the task in hand.

My sister is a great motivator and is steering me in the right direction, along with a fab Whats App group of mates, some of whom are in my position, others are a size 8 or 14 and happy with that.

I’ve read up on lots of protein powders and have decided on Herbal Life as my first try. I am not organised enough to work on a points system diet, I want to be able to eat the same food with my husband at night although a smaller portion.
It wasn’t too expensive and actually tastes nice.

The powder is mixed with milk and you can take it for once or twice a day. I’m opting for twice where I can, mixing the Vanilla powder with banana, strawberry or coffee. Not sure coffee is the suggested option but it was yummy. It’s hard not to pick when you’re making lunch for the little man but it’s not proving as hard as I thought.

I’m a bit hung up on not earning as much money as I used to, so I’m not rushing to fork out for gym membership, so I’ve dug out those Davina DVD’s and found some exercise workouts on Amazon Prime. I am determined to work out on the 2 days the little man is at nursery and I have dug out my tap shoes and enrolled on a tap class. Toying with Barre Ballet but until I can’t even see my toes let alone touch them so that may have to wait!

This new challenge isn’t about getting a ‘insta ready’ body, it’s to feel comfortable in my skin, in my clothes and with myself, oh and maybe with the hubby.

I need to be fit and healthy for my son. I’m an older mum and have a tendency to worry about how old I will be when he needs me for the emotional and physical times in his life, I want to be able to carry those boxes in to his first home, I don’t want to be a burden on him if I get sick because I didn’t take care of myself.

Until then it’d be good to be able to chase him in the park when he runs away, without feeling like I need a hit of oxygen.

Bring it on.


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