A Calming influence

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The little man has been a bit temperamental lately, not sleeping, few tantrums, lots of ‘No Mummy’ and ‘Aggh Disgusting’. Not sure there is a reason these challenges are being thrown at us, I keep hearing it’s just a phase. That said I have been thinking about how to overcome some of the issues. One of my worries is that we are too chaotic, well me actually.

The days Rocco is with me we do stuff, we go out a lot, we are a busy pair – do we do too much? should we have more downtime? educational time? movie time? I am sure he has lots going on in his little head and is constantly inquisitive.

I love the adventures me and the little man have, this week we picked Pumpkins and Sweet Corn http://www.sloaneandthedragon.com/single-post/2016/10/18/Half-Term-Fun I don’t know if I cram loads in with him because he’s not with me every day, it’s my duty to fill his life with experiences. I’ve been thinking about my age and how I may not beable to give him as many cool experiences when he’s older. Does cramming his day help or hinder him?

When Rocco needs a stern word said to him, I go down to his level, talk firmly (sister says I’m not firm enough) no finger pointing, no shouting. Mr S and I don’t have heated discussions infront of him (infact Mr S is so laid back we don’t have heated discussions at all). If we’re at home I try hard to calm things down from about 5.30pm, we put some toys away and start the chill time. Then DADDY comes home and obviously wants to play and have some rough and tumble with the little man. The volume goes up, energy levels are high and I’m the one being the nag telling daddy to calm things down, reminding them it’s bed time soon.

We’ve bought a oversized egg timer to use for downtime / sharing time when it’s needed, they use it at nursery so he’s already familiar with it. I don’t think a naughty chair will work for him. I can’t take toys off him as a punishment, we’re not at the negoiation stage yet. We’ve been sitting in with him til he nods off at night, we had 22 months of him self settling so this is a new one on us. I do worry we’ve been a bit soft on him and need to tighten those reins quickly before he runs away with his old mum!

My side of the family are loud, we talk a lot, we ask a lot of questions, we’re a bit full on. Mr S’s side are calmer and quieter. I wonder whether our own household should be calmer but there is only three of us, how full-on can we be.

I want him to be sociable, independent and have a voice. Should we have more days at home, just he and I. He’s an only child, I don’t want him to be a lonely child. But I also don’t want him to be a nasty boy, I hope for him to be calm, fair, respectful and kind. I can’t see our fab adventures stopping him being the boy I want him to be.

Maybe I need to read some more books and blogs on how to have a calm 2 year old – as if there is such a thing!



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