Rule Book?….


So I’d love a little book that tells me when the following Starts or Stops …

  • Leaving your child for more than two nights without guilt- well you know my view on this.
  • Kids Parties – you know my views on this too!
  • Eating a full meal on their own, no assistance (surely sometimes it’s easier just to sit and spoon a few in!)
  • Not using baby washing tablets and throwing it all in together (he’s two, still doing it)
  • Not taking the buggy when you go into town (can’t bear the thought of him getting tired and having to carry him, I’m 45 after all)
  • Introducing the Potty (bought one, it’s in the bathroom, he’s sat on it once)
  • Stop justifying how you parent, mostly to your parents (Never)
  • Introducing movies in hope you’re child will sit through one so you can have a warm cuppa (I watched Paddington the other day, he took no notice)
  • Leaving your child to roam free upstairs ie; not in an enclosed space while you jump in the shower (Never)
  • Bottle of milk and a cuddle at night (He likes it and so do we)
  • Forcing him to have morning milk in a cup not a bottle (as long as he drinks it should I care)
  • Believing them when they say they aren’t hungry and stop force feeding them (fed up with him spitting that last spoonful out so I believe him now)
  • To let your baby cry it out when he wakes in the night and you know nothing is wrong (tried it this week not sure I’m any good at it)
  • From Bed to Cot (currently he’s not trying to climb out of the cot so he’s staying there)
  • Not feeling bad about having normal TV on in the background when you’re child is playing happily (I forget he’s gone to sleep sometimes and it’s still on)

I could go on, but there will never be a book and I know every child is different but sometimes it would be quite helpful!


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