Do we have a party?

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When I wrote my blog about when is the right time to… leave your baby for the night it got me thinking about how many scenarios to ask the same question.

The one that has cropped up recently is ‘When is the right time to introduce kids parties?

The little man is 2 next week and we aren’t having a party. We aren’t ignoring the fact it’s his birthday but he doesn’t know it’s his birthday. I’ve invited the family around for a glass of fizz to celebrate how amazing I was 2 years ago! 2 of his little playdate mates and cousins will come round and obviously the family will buy him loads of presents but as far as a party goes, does he really need one?!

When he was 1 we had a ‘Glistening’ to celebrate his arrival to our family. We celebrated the fact we’d got through year one after our rocky start, had afternoon tea and fizz with 50 wider family and friends, combing that with embarrassing his ‘Odd Parents’ and letting loads of kids run riot in the grounds of a venue. It wasn’t cheap but it was fun. Rocco couldn’t even walk at this stage so it was all about us!

Now he is 2 we have been invited to his playmates parties and they have been fun.  If I start organising parties for him now, as an Event organiser I have to go all out. It won’t be cheap, it will be over the top and I’m not sure I will know when to stop. Then next year I will have to top that and so it goes on.

So this year we will have a few friends round over the weekend, Rocco will think it’s a normal play date but with cake. No party bags, no games, maybe a balloon or two. I’d go without a cake but Aunty J is a professional cake baker so why waste the talent!

On his actual birthday Daddy is at work so Rocco and I will pop up to NICU Bath with cakes and a thank you card – I think this will be an annual thing for me, mummy can’t help but regress at this time of year. Then we will go to his swimming lesson as normal and maybe have lunch at the farm shop.

I may tie a balloon to his wrist just so everyone knows he’s the birthday boy!



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