When is the right time?….

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So over the past week I’ve asked myself a lot of questions that I have now learnt there is no right or wrong answer.

The one that’s cropped up between me and some friends is – When is the right time to leave your baby for more than one night? When Rocco was 6 months I had to leave the Rockstar for 5 nights due to work, but he was with daddy each night and during the day at nursery or with nanny as he normally would be. So not much upheaval for him. I did miss him but I knew he was totally fine.

Mr S and I have had some one nighters away from the boy, we are lucky enough to have some gorgeous hotels very close and everyone has survived but recently I have suggested a two nighter away for Mr S and I and it’s not gone down very well with him. I know that the little man will be totally fine with which ever family member we leave him with, it’s Mr S that has the problem!

With this reluctancy it makes me worry about my opinion of ‘ he’ll be fine, he’s versatile and as long as he’d fed, played with and cuddled he’s happy’ does this mean I care less about our boy. NO I don’t think so. Is it because I spend more time with him on a daily basis and need a break? Do I think it will make the boy a stronger little man?

I worry that Mr S and I will never have any ‘us’ time again. With one night away you just want to sleep, you already talk about what time you’re picking the boy up tomorrow, you don’t have time to relax, we don’t get too drunk because we pick the little man up the next morning. With 2 nights we could be ‘grown ups’ again.

This weekend Mr S is off to Barcelona for the weekend, on a rugby tour – read that as one game of rugby, four days of drinking. I don’t begrudge him a weekend away, well not much, but it’s the fact he’s happy to leave the Rockstar because he’s with me.

I am sure Mr S would let me go off for 4 days, I fancy Mallorca! but really I’d like to go away with him. Will we ever get to do that again?!

We have a special event coming up soon and I have already said I will be away two nights, if Mr S chooses to stay behind for the first night and join me the next day then that’s down to him. I’d rather he didn’t but I guess we all have to do what’s right for us. Watch this space!


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