Returning to the Rat Race

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We have a little while before we have to think about schools for Rockstar but with his birthday falling in October, I know that he will need to be at a Pre School when he turns 3 or 4, he’ll be climbing the walls at nursery by then. Something we will have to pay for.

I have had great experiences of private schools, my sister thrived in one, not just from the education on offer, I know there are great state schools in Bath too, but it was everything that came with it.

Friends with children the same age as the Rockstar have already researched which schools are best for their child, I’ve not done that. Right now I’d say he needs structure, in a year he may have amazing sporting talents or he may be like his dad and excel at being a geek!

Ideally he would go a private Pre school, then I would love him to go to a village Infant and Junior School and then an independant Senior School. See I do have it all mapped out!

Our financial circumstances changed when I was made redundant but as I have said before I have been really lucky to have been able to spend a year with the boy and have fun. During the ‘school’ talks I have been wondering if I had gone straight back in to full time work and saved the salary to pay for school fees, would that have been more beneficial? I think not. But maybe now the little man is getting older, should I consider getting back in the rat race, knuckle down for 5 years and lay the foundations for the boys future.

Will he suffer if I go back to a more regimented working week? the way I feel today, I would happily go back to work now, put those long hours in which would enable us to give him the best start.

But how do we know what the best start is? is there a book I can buy that will give me all the answers!



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