Through the eyes of the little man

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My grandma is 96 and on a good day will still ask me if I want the rips in my jeans sewn up!  I only wear them to get that reaction. She’s deteriorating by the day and although we can still manage to have a conversation / sometimes even a debate, she looks tired and well, 96 years old.

Some days I visit her alone and just sit and watch her sleep, other days we get to have a chat about the EU, the dress SamCam was wearing or the bloody awful weather that’s confusing her and making her think it’s Autumn. I struggle with watching her drink her tea from a cup with a straw, or the fact she’s not sat in her chair doing her crossword. What I miss most is not being able to call her after the tennis or the F1 for a discussion, something we did after every big sporting event. But most of all it’s how frail she looks and her struggle to tell us what she wants or how she is feeling.

On the days I take Rocco in, it seems a light appears and she sits slightly more upright and talks to the little man. He run into her room and climbs up on the chair ‘ GG kiss, GG Kiss’ he says. She hears that and loves it. He wants to share her cup and straw and eat the biscuit that’s been sat there to tempt her to eat. The same happens when my niece visits, GG isn’t an old scary person, she’s just Great Grandma.

Rocco wants to sit on her bed and have her read him a story, she obviously can’t read to him but she lets me read and listens intently and smiles broadly when he interacts with us. I know she’s proud of both my sister and I, I think deep down she knows how hard it is for us, although we try to hide it. But with Rocco she’s just GG he doesn’t notice all the sad stuff we do, he smiles, kisses and talks to her and she’s responds.

When we come home from a visit he looks at pics of her and says ‘GG Kiss’. When the sad day comes that we can’t go and visit her I will make sure we remember GG in the eyes of Rocco and Munch. They see the best bits.

I think it would be good to see more of the world through the eyes of the little people sometimes.



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