Stay At Home Mum Vs Go to Work Mum

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What is expected of a stay at home mum? A working at home mum? A going to work mum?

I have real trouble working out the difference between what I do now and what I did do when I was working. I think there is very little difference. You juggle, you make mistakes, you look tired, you carry on.

I cook for us both every night, Cook for Rockstar, Clean the House, Buy the Food shopping, Birthday / Christmas cards and gifts, Washing, Ironing ( oh no no one in our house does that), entertain the child and the list goes on….

The only thing that differs from the list above from now and 12 months ago was that I worked and earned a really good wage.

I actually think I put more pressure on myself to make home cooked meals and keep the house up together. When I was working I wouldn’t mind a mid-week takeaway and if the washing basket wasn’t empty at the weekend I didn’t care. It’s different now.

The days Rocco goes to nursery are worse, if I don’t have work on I feel I need to make it known I’ve cleaned, shopped and cooked. It’s crazy as Mr S doesn’t put pressure on at all, I do it to myself.

If I pop into town and grab lunch with the girls, the guilt is worse than when I drop Rocco off at nursery. I used to think it was about not bringing the same kind of salary into the household but it’s not that. We know priorities have changed and have worked around that. When I was launching the freelance business I was working every day Rocco was at nursery and still managed to do everything on the list.

The more I think about it the more I have concluded, it’s me. So next time Rocco has an afternoon nap I think I will too. And I won’t care!


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