Older Parents = Older Grandparents

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Rocco is lucky to have two great-grandparents (age 90 and 96 – we have great genes in our family!) both sets of grandparents, two sets of Aunty and Uncles with 3 cousins, extended cousins whom we are super close and we have a great set of great friends who love him dearly.

As I didn’t have Rocco until I was 44 my parents are obviously older than they were when my niece was born 6 years ago but I didn’t think that would effect their involvement, but it has. Not in a dramatic way but noticeably to me. They are older now and a toddler is bloody hard work however old you are!

I remember my mum going to stay with my sister to help with my niece a lot or my sis would go to stay with them. Rocco has stayed over night at my sisters and Mr S’ parents house. My parents chose to babysat at our house while Mr S and I go to dinner or the odd day/over night out.

My parents were more UK based when my niece was born, so were around a lot. They retired young – lucky them! and are now travelling the world and having fun. I guess if I’d had kids when I was younger they’d have been here not gavilanting around the world!

How often is too often to ask for a babysitter or an overnight stay just to get some sleep?!

My sister says if I don’t ask for support, then how are they to know. Is that due to me being more independent? Am I more protective of my son? Am I just not interested in going out anymore! No deffo not that!

As I’m not manic with work at the moment and Rocco still goes to nursery two days a week, maybe the family don’t think we need that time away from the little man. My parents pop in to see us for an hour when they’re passing and we do the same to them, or I throw him (not literally) through their door if I need to whizz to the docs and they adore him but I just see a different relationship forming to one I had imagined.

Rocco loves ‘Papa’ and teases ‘Mama’ and I know they are there for us whatever we need. I guess I need to realise I’m a grown up and my parents are there to support us but they have a life too and I’m actually super glad they’re enjoying it.

I want them to be at home refreshed from their travels and be as exciting and crazy grandparents as they are parents!!














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