Brand Names – Is it a Bing Thing?!?


When Rocco was born I’d find myself purchasing Pampers nappies, Pampers wipes, Sudocrem, Salvon. We have the  Bloom Fresco high chair, the candy buggy (both borrowed from my sis) we have used our Papoose once but I just had to have it!

Don’t get me wrong I love a trip to H&M, the kids range is fab but we still use some key brands like Ellas Kitchen & Pampers. I only buy him Petit Filous, he won’t eat the own brands!

I wonder if it’s an age thing, I’d worked hard for my money and if I could have the best I would.

I come from a marketing background so I know the sales technique, I know that the big brands aren’t always the best. If it was just for me then I’d settle for those lesser known brands, but for Rockstar I just can’t!

Don’t get me wrong Rocco’s not kit out in designer clothes but I do like him to look super cool (not so cool he looks naff) but I really don’t want it to be obvious he has a untrendy 45 year old mum!

I did go through a phase of buying a lot of monochrome leggings and T shirts for him, companies like Tobias and The Bear do it so well but he grows so quickly I find myself questioning those purchases. Although I have heard there’s a new company adding colour to kids clothes so there may be purchases on the horizon!

I’m taking a table at a nearly new sale next month and have already counted over 30 T shirts and fab sweatshirts to sell. I guess I still go with the ‘ it was in the Sale darling’ when Mr S questions the little mans wardrobe, I’ll say he didn’t really need it!

Rocco’s nanny is a John Lewis shopper, His mama is a M&S and Next baby clothes shopper so his wardrobe is pretty well established, so if I throw in a Primarni or H&M outfit here or there I think he can pull it off!

I’m sure we can revert back to the designer brands when he’s out earning his own money. For now as long as he has enough clothes to get dirty in and have fun, why worry!






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