The Summer of Love

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Getting to know my son.

Once I had got over the shock  of my employer no longer needing me, I tried very hard to allow myself to realise that my son did. We were lucky enough to have my redundancy money so the independent part of me felt like I was still bringing something to the household pot, so I needed to relax a bit and enjoy my baby.

My sister, my 5 year old niece, Rockstar and I decided to have some fun with day trips and picnics. I have been lucky enough to have a fantastic relationship with my niece we have traveled the world and she is the most flexible little girl I know. Her choice of food will be sushi, she drinks smoothies not squash and out of choice she will have a colouring book rather than watch the iPad. That said she is full of life, a drama queen and mischievous, sometimes my sister says she gave birth to a little girl that should have been my daughter!

Luckily Mr S and I have the same views on parenting, we are a sociable family and hope Rocco will be too. I’ve had time to sit and watch him, he has a sense of humour building, he’s a smiley baby, he blows kisses to anyone that pays him any attention. He understands more than he let’s on!

He is such a time waster, I chat too him like he’s my little friend – Grown up speak has always been a big thing in our family – Dog not Woof Woof, Bath not Bathy Wathy as Mr S loves to tease me with. I’m sure he tells me to be quiet in his own little way (both of them!)

Spending time with him one on one really has helped me realise I could be a good mum. I could make this work and although I’m not currently offering him so much financially, I am here to learn about him and hopefully let him learn from me.

I think being at home with my boy isn’t so bad after all.

(Written Feb 2016 playing catch up)



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