Laid Back or Uptight

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Which one am I?

Well, I thought I was a reasonably laid back mum; I would forget to pack nappies on a day trip and have to buy them wherever we were, I would change him in the boot of the car and never remember to pack snacks. Actually maybe that’s just a rubbish new mum as my sister just called me ‘uptight’. Ah hello?!?!

She teased me about me being set in a routine with nap times, when he should have his day time milk, the fact he preferred to eat Ella’s Kitchen pouches rather than nibble on real food. To be honest when I was pregnant I always said that having a baby wouldn’t change my life, we’d continue to do things we always did and 99% of the time we have.

We are in a routine but I’m happy to dip in and out of it to suit us as a family. I do sometimes hear myself using the ‘Prem baby’ excuse a lot – he doesn’t like food with chunks in yet, he still loves his milk ( I love the cuddle), no he’s not crawling yet, no he’s not sleeping through the night yet. I’m not worried.

Then I rush off to google whether he should be doing all those things, why is my son not running the country already. God, chill out!

We’ve been aboard twice since he was born, and apart from a little blip with the bottled water on Cape Verde giving him the worst nappy rash ever, we’ve done ok. We were lucky that through a 6 hour flight he slept for 2 hours, woke for 2, slept for 2. I still found myself worrying about his little cries annoying the other passengers. The plane was full of kids.

We eat out a lot but I can feel myself getting tense when he starts to get bored, I am shhuuussshhing him before he’s even cried. I look around and see other children playing up, but I don’t want Rocco to be like that.

Mr S and my sister are always telling me to lighten up, he’s a baby, babies cry. Just walk him around, give him a toy – easy. Not sure they were so welcoming before we had babies in our family.

I find myself stressing about his progress daily but I fear that’s a whole other blog.

Maybe it’s going to take some time for me to find the ‘Pill of Chill’


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