Maternity Leave

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Going back to work so soon?

As I’ve said before one question I was asked when I was pregnant ‘Are you going back to work?’ my answer was always the same ‘Yes I am and very soon’. I loved the disapproving looks I would get.

Working from NICU

I was the only mum in the Parent’s room with her laptop out between Rocco sleeping and me expressing. Looking back now I must have looked like an uncaring women but it helped me feel needed, normal, useful. A team of people were looking after my son, so I needed to look after my team at work.

I hadn’t had a chance to do any hand over at work as the Rockstar arrived early, so I needed to get a document written. To be honest deep down I knew that I would work throughout my maternity if I could. I’d worked since I was 17 and surely that didn’t need to stop. I didn’t want it to. Maybe in hindsight…

Going back to work

I was promoted to Head of Events whilst I was pregnant so I believed I was a valued member of the Company and was keen to go back. We had two big events in progress and I wanted to be involved in those. Work were really good and let me take the lead, never any pressure but working occasionally during the first few months really did let me feel like me. Rocco was a good baby and slept a lot!

Suddenly everything in my life had changed. My body was different, the way people talked to me was different, my daily routine was new, nothing was the same. For Mr S he still got up, went to work and still played rugby on a Saturday. I wanted the consistency of work.

I knew as a family we could make it work so I went back when the baby was 4 months, just part-time for the first two months. Rocco had one day at nursery, one day with my mum and one day with Mr S’ mum. It was working well.

We got in to a routine. I went to work and talked ‘business’ – the team used to have to push me to talk ‘baby’. My baby was important to me but so was being Tamara.

(Written Feb 2016 playing catch up)


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