Surviving NICU

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Survive is exactly what you do

You just get through it. Not sure how, but you do. We quickly got in to a routine with Matt taking the first few days off so we could be together with Rooco, then he went back to work to save his paternity until we got the little man home. I would go in to the hospital in the day and Matt at night to tuck the little man in.

I’d heard so many people talk about how great NICU in Bath was, it’s a great facility thanks to the help of Forever Friends and Mr Dyson but until you are in the situation where you need that amazing support for both you and the baby you just don’t realise how lucky you are.

It was strange to sit and ‘watch’ your baby in an incubator, the wonderful nurses wandering passed checking his stats and moving on to the next baby. They would let me wash and feed him, through a tube to start with then boob or bottle. I didn’t feel like his mum at this stage, he didn’t ‘belong’ to me yet. He was a stranger but I knew I loved him so much and was willing him to get well so we could all go home.

I would look around and hear other mums comment on the weight of their baby ‘ Oh she’s so tiny at 6lb’ – ah hello I’ve got a 4lb one over here! already competitive and we haven’t reached the playground yet!



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